There’s no way to sugarcoat it
February 2021, Nic McClanachan

For many years, recruitment was one of my main jobs. In fact for two years in one senior HR role I had, finding and hiring talent is pretty much all I did.


If I’m honest recruitment has never been one of my favourite tasks but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate just how critical it is to find the best people for your business. When I am in recruitment mode, I throw a lot of time, energy and resources into it because I’ve seen first-hand how a business’ talent is a key determinant of success or failure.


Now any leader would most likely agree with my sentiments “yes of course, we want to make sure we hire the best” and while it might seem straight forward, the reality of what goes on when recruiting is very different.


There’s often no Job Descriptions or if there is, they’re out of date. Interviews are more like speed dating, work experience is often the key determinate as to who is successful, the subjective decision-making process is left up to one person and then when the successful candidate actually starts, the induction process is non-existent.


So what are some practical ways you can find the best people for your business? I have 5 key tips;

  1. Know what you want
  2. Have a great process
  3. Look at both will and skill
  4. Involve your team
  5. Follow through


Knowing what you want means being clear on your vision and values, what behaviours you want and what skills you want.


Having a great process means you need a defined job description, a consistent interview guide and ways to measure behaviours.


Looking at both will and skill means you are consciously considering culture fit, behaviours and diversity as well as work experience.


Involving the team means getting others involved in developing the job description, participating the interview process and even having a say in the decision making process.


Following through is all about being prepared to on board your new talent, on their first day, their first week, their first month, their first 3 months and beyond.


Now if that feels like a lot of work, you’re right, it is, there’s simply no way to sugar coat it.


If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, if you’re not sure you’re equipped to find the top talent you want and if you’re not ready to hire a recruitment agency, you need to check out URECRUIT by Firesoft People. It’s the ultimate DIY recruitment tool.

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The next time you are looking to hire talent, remember just how important (this often inconveniently timed) task is, reflect on those 5 tips and if you feel like you fall short on any of it – just head to URECRUIT.

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