Online Training Program


At Human Experience we believe that true magic happens when the leaders within your business can have an effective coaching conversation. A well-executed coaching conversation has the power to shift your team’s behaviour, which can have a positive flow on effect to the results of your business.

If you’re mystery shopping with us, we believe that all leaders within your business should be able to have an effective coaching conversation with all team members. It’s these critical coaching conversations that bring the feedback contained within the mystery shopping reports to life. All positive results can be reinforced, and any constructive feedback can be discussed, so as to encourage positive change.

If you’re not mystery shopping, we still believe conducting an effective coaching conversation is a critical competency of any leader. As stated by the HR Coach Research Institute’s white paper 5 Effective Conversations at Work; ‘The beating heart of high performing organisations is good communication and effective conversations”.

We recognise that not every leader is a natural coach, and that’s okay because coaching is a skill that can be learned by anyone.

And so, we’ve put together this online training program “How to have an effective coaching conversation”. Within 5 modules you will cover:

* Why coaching is an important skill for all leaders

* The two key skills of a coach; listening and questioning

* Introduction of the 5-step coaching conversation method

* The positive reinforcement coaching conversation (using the 5-step method)

* The constructive coaching conversation (using the 5-step method)

The ‘How to have an effective coaching conversation’ program is a competency based and assessed training program. A learner must score 100% in the multiple-choice questions in the first 3 modules to progress and one of our coaches will assess the learner’s ability to apply the 5-step method in modules 4 and 5. Once the learner has displayed an ability to apply the 5 step method, they will be issued with a personalised training certificate.

Depending on the learner, this program will take 90 minutes to 3 hours to complete.