Consistently curious
Nic McClanachan, 22nd June 2021

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article that quantified what I’ve always believed

The article by Charlene Li highlighted some sobering statistics.

Did you know?
● 70% of organisational change efforts fail?
● Only 35% companies invest in understanding their customer’s journey and use it to then make change?
● 85% of global employees are not engaged in their work?

If you are a leader in business and those statistics don’t scare you a little, I would question if you are a truly a leader at all.

In her work as an analyst, Charlene specialises in technology research and strategy, and she’s found that the exceptional companies making strides with everything from digital transformation to employee engagement to diversity and inclusion all have one thing in common: They are customer obsessed.

A lot of businesses confess to being customer focused but being customer obsessed means putting your customers at the centre of everything. As Charlene writes “After all, who better to hold you accountable for meeting audacious transformation goals than your customers? If you don’t meet their needs, they will simply go elsewhere.”

If this is something that you or your organisation wants to start working on, I would suggest the best place to start is getting to know your customers and their perception of their journey with you better. This should not be anecdotal, and this should not be a once off. This should not be with only customers who love you nor should it only be with customers who are dissatisfied.

You need to get curious, across a cross section of your customers, consistently.
And then you need to make the appropriate change.

● Get Curious
● Consistently
● Make Change

Alternatively, you can be part of the 70% of companies that fails to implement change.

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