Brave V Defensive
Nic McClanachan, 07th September 2021

We work with a lot of great businesses at Human Experience – the businesses who are brave enough to get feedback from our mystery shoppers every month, so they get an insight into their customer’s experience. From here they coach their team and implement change and are on a constant journey of continuous improvement.

Every now and then, a manager at one of our client’s sites gets defensive about the feedback in the mystery shopping reports. “Our staff member would never do that.” “Our manager does that every time, that’s not possible.” 

What’s interesting about this is that while our reports are objective, and our shoppers are trained to tell the story of their experience v’s offer their opinion or make judgements – a mystery shopping report is still the perception of a human being, and that perception is your businesses reality.

While our mystery shopping reports are just a moment in time, I’m always willing to bet that it is a representation of what your other customers are experiencing. Being defensive is a time waster in my opinion. Getting curious and learning from the feedback is what the strong Leaders do. 

And the beautiful thing is that time will always tell the real story. Over time, you see the trends. 

We see it in our mystery shopping reports. Yes, occasionally there’s a bad day – we get that. But over time there’s the sites who continue to get the constructive feedback and then there’s the sites who scores improve, and over time, consistently score well. 

No prizes for guessing which sites then perform better across all metrics.

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